Friday, September 16, 2011

{ A Weekend Away }

Well I'm here at my dad's in Anacortes. I've traded in two girls and husband for two shi tsus and a view this weekend.

I'm going to keep this post quick since I've got lots of things I want to get to, but I thought that I'd share my weekend to do list with you.
Besides walks along the sea, shopping, eating out and spending time with a friend, here's what I am working on:

Image from Better Homes and Garden
First things first, I need to eat this weekend but I didn't want to spend a ton of money or really plan, so I packed up all of my CSA vegetables and picked up a chicken and a few other little goodies at the Market here in Anacortes. In process right now is my chicken broth, I've shelled the beans and cut the veggies as well as taken the meat off of the chicken carcass. When my broth is done in a couple of hours I'll cook the beans and throw everything else in for my very first soup completely from scratch. I am pretty impressed with myself right now, I've never made soup without a box or can somehow involved.  I also made some kale chips and chopped up some carrots and cucumbers to dip in blue cheese dressing. Don't worry, I also picked up some dark chocolate, yogurt - I mean sugar - covered pretzels and some mangos to sweeten things up.

Now that I've got food and snacks for the weekend; yes, I plan to eat soup all weekend - except when I'm eating out; I'm on to the two things I'd like to sew this weekend.

First, my niece Chloe turns two on Monday so I'm going to make her a black apple doll; that's what cousin P thought would be a nice gift.

Next I'm planning on getting to work on a tote for myself. I picked up some great marigold houndstooth material that I want to use. I've got a bunch of different ideas in my head but I think that I'll more or less be using this tutorial:

That's all for this week! What projects do you have lined up for the weekend? Any suggestions on things I should do or see here in Anacortes or La Conner?

Happy Friday, see you next week!

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