Friday, September 9, 2011

{ Crafting With Your Kiddo: Foam Stamping }


As I told you yesterday, Thursday was P's preschool orientation. And at the orientation every kid was given the bag that they are supposed to bring to and from school for the year. There were several colors, lucky P had a purple one on her chair.


Now thhe fun part about these bags is that we get to decorate them. P already loved her bag because it was her special preschool bag, but now she gets to decorate it too and that will make it even more special. So we took a Momma and P brainstorming trip to Jo-Ann's to figure out what we could do to decorate her bag without using any heat - heat will melt the bag. After roaming the store for ideas, I decided that foam stamping with fabric paint would be the perfect way to get P involved in the decorating process; but Jo-Ann's didn't have any foam stamps, so I had to get crafty.

Finally having the perfect way for Phoebe to help in decorating her bag, I wasn't going to give up simply because Jo-Ann's didn't have exactly what we needed; so I put my noggin to work and here's what I came up with:

Stamp Materials
6 mm thick foam sheet
foam stickers or shapes
exacto knife and/or other cutting tools

We had everything but the thick foam sheet at home so we spent about a buck on that. At home, I picked out stickers from our foam sticker bin that related to some other materials we had chosen for the Momma side of the bag: a butterfly, flowers and polka dots. I arranged the stickers on the foam sheet, stuck them down and used the exacto knife to cut a square around my shapes creating foam stamps. Here are the final products:


Now I also wanted a polka dot stamp, but I didn't have any circle stickers to make one with so I indented a circle shape on the foam sheet and then used my exacto knife to cut it out. Next I glued the circle on and voila! I had a polka dot stamp, not the cleanest looking cut but you'll see in the end that it worked out great.


Once the stamps were ready to go, little Miss P got to stamping. I spread fabric paint out in a thin layer on a paper plate and helped her to make sure that the stamp was covered in paint. We did one paint color at a time, washing the stamps between each color. Here's my artist at work:


And here is her final product:



Not bad for a three year old! Now I only let her decorate one side because this Momma has ideas... I'll share the final bag with you next week when it's complete with P and Momma sides.

As for you and your kiddo(s) foam stamps are perfect for fabric paint stamping, but you could also use them with regular paints on paper or whatever other medium you can think of. So get out there and get stamping with your kiddo. It's easy and they'll love making their own stamped artwork.

That's all for this week! I hope that you and your kiddos had a great week getting back into the rhythm of the school year. Happy Friday.

I'd love to hear any comments, thoughts, ideas or opinions you have. Please share in the comment section below.

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