Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{ Simple and Time Saving Gift Ideas }

(The rules of K.I.S. Week: every post will be as simple as I can make it about simple solutions to everyday life situations. I will have minimal pictures in the posts as well to keep with the K.I.S. theme. Even the titles are simple!)

Today I'm going to share with you some ways that I K.I.S. with gifts. These are ideas that I find thoughtful, but time saving for me the gift giver.

For certain occasions like weddings and graduation gifts, money is a very appropriate gift. If you have a specific idea how you might like the recipient to use the money, tag it like I did here. Who doesn't need money for their honeymoon? They surely don't need another bowl.

For hostess gifts, and other random celebrations, a nice bottle of wine is a great gift. Nice wine doesn't have to be expensive wine. We got a killer deal on the wine pictured here when we bought a case while wine tasting in Yamhill Wine Country in Oregon. Again, add a little tag (have you noticed that I like to tag everything) with a message and some ribbon and you've got a nice little gift. We gave this bottle to our neighbor at a little neighborhood retirement party.

I was in a hurry with screaming kids, so this picture isn't great.

Books make great kids gifts when you're short on time and big on wanting to give a gift. I am a member at Barnes and Noble and that gets me free express shipping, plus other discounts on merchandise and at the Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble stores; all that to say, I buy my gifts at to get free shipping. No matter your budget you can find a gift that will keep on giving. We love sharing our favorite reads with little friends and depending on the gift budget, sometimes we also send a stuffed animal character that goes with the book.

If you know the needs or likes of your recipient, gift cards can be very thoughtful gifts. If you have a friend that loves books, a bookstore gift card is always fun. New parents, treat them to some yummy coffee. Friends who need to get out but can't afford to or need to be forced to, movie theater gift cards for tickets and snacks. A busy bride and groom who need to take a wedding break? We were given a gift card to a nice restaurant and instructed to have a dinner where we weren't allowed to talk about the wedding as a shower gift. This could be a nice gift for busy parents too with a don't talk about the kids caveat.

You get the picture, gift cards can be thoughtful and fun. They can be unthoughtful too, I have received those as well, so make sure that it's thoughtful and nice or don't give one. My mom always told me, "Give what you would want to receive." It's pretty sound advice.

Ooh! A prenatal massage could make a great baby shower gift... I'll stop now, sorry. Oh! And one other point, most gift cards/certificates are available online or over the phone.

Handmade - Just Not by You
If you don't have time to make it, some one else may have already. Check Etsy listings for what you might like to make a person, if it's already made and a reasonable price you've just K.I.S.ed a handmade gift. I am a member of they send you a daily sale item email and they are all items from small or handmade businesses, a lot of the deals are from Etsy shops. I just picked up an awesome super hero dress-up kit that a certain little dude will be getting for his birthday from GroopDealz.

So what are your K.I.S. gift solutions? Please share in the comment section below that way we can all benefit from each others' ideas.

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