Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{ One of My Guilty Pleasures: The Outlander Book Series }

Okay, so if you haven't realized it yet this post should definitely give it away, I am a big dork. But hey, maybe you are too and just maybe that's why you like me. I don't know, just sayin'. Anyway, I want to share my favorite "beach" read with you today.

Outlander is a series, seven books at this point, written by Diana Gabaldon. The link above is to Amazon where the picture came from in case you're interested in starting this series yourself. Each book runs about 1000 pages more or less.

I began reading the series back in college when my roommate Brooke loaned me the first book, pictured above. Shall we say it was love at first read? I love fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction and long series of books so I don't have to think when I'm ready for a new read; Outlander is all of these things in one, yay! Furthermore, it's intelligently enough written that you don't feel dumb after reading it [sorry to those of you who like them, but this would describe Clive Cussler (after the 2nd or 3rd book) and Nora Roberts (after the first couple of chapters) for me]. So when I saw the seventh book of the series at Costco for $4.99 as I was looking for a book to bring on vacation, I was ecstatic. Not to mention surprised because for some reason I was under the impression that the sixth book was the last of the series.

Here is a very brief synopsis of the series in my own words:

Outlander follows the main characters Claire and Jaime as well as their friends, family and other acquaintances. Claire is from the 20th century but unexpectedly goes back in time about 200 years, where she meets Jaime. The story line follows their relationship and is intertwined with familial and political relationships that go through major periods of history in Scottland, England and the US. Typically, after the first book at least, there are story lines running in the 1700s and the 1900s throughout.

The Outlander Series is by no means "Christian" literature if that's what you're looking for, but it is not littered with trash talk and pages of sexual description either, although there is some.

I was able to get about half way through An Echo In the Bone, the seventh book, last week while on vacation. I can't wait to keep reading and finish. In fact, I've got a few more minutes of nap time and I think I may just go do that.

What's your guilty pleasure read? Have you read Outlander? Did you like it?

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Raddness said...

My sister passed this along to me several years ago and I have loved all the books. I thought she was done writing a long time ago and that a movie was to be made. guess not...reading these books has helped me a lot when talking to my scottish in-laws! Although I don't dare tell them where I learned about Bonnie Prince Charlie!

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