Friday, July 1, 2011

{ Simple Smell Good Kitchen Tips }

I don't know about you, but I am an advertiser's dream. Like a fish drawn to a shiny lure I am drawn in by pretty packaging and fancy claims. I often have to consciously remind myself that I don't need the thing I'm looking at, I often already have an "at home remedy". In today's post, I'll share two examples of home remedies I use to get the stink out of the disposal and out of the air in our kitchen.

Now in my opinion, there's nothing new under the sun. Everything has been done in some form or fashion and we just recycle or re-fashion ideas, trends, etc. So these two tips aren't anything new, in fact many of you may already be using them; but for those of you who aren't, I hope they help you out when your kitchen isn't smelling it's best.

Stove Top Potpourri
Stove top potpourri is great for covering food smells. I look forward to using it after we make Indian food and sometimes after we eat fish. In fact, a friend from high school, Malinda, recommended it to me when I put out a plea on Facebook for a way to get rid of the fish smell in my kitchen after I had made some baby food for Tabi when she was younger. She said that her mom kept a pot of potpourri on all the time when she was growing up.

So what is stove top potpourri? Simple, squeeze the juice of an orange into a small sauce pan and then toss the rhine in. Next I throw in a stick or two of cinnamon, a couple of cloves and fill the pan with water and simmer. You can continue to add water until your potpourri stops giving off good odors. And of course there are many ingredient combinations you can create, so go on and experiment with what you have on hand.

This simple home remedy can replace your Glade Plug-ins and whatever other smell good products you've bought to keep your house smelling yummy. Stove top potpourri is a great natural alternative to the chemicals that make most of our scented products smell so good.

For a more summery scent you might try simmering lavender and lemon.

Citrus for Your Disposal
A while ago, I was reading about disposal care in the Olympian, our local newspaper. One of the recommendations for keeping your blade sharp and your disposal clean and smelling good was to drop citrus fruit, cut up of course, down the drain. About once a week, or more if needed, I toss a lemon or lime down the disposal - or just the rhine if you've juiced it for a recipe. I especially like to do this after dumping fish juices and other stinky things down the drain. Beware though, it sounds like you're killing your disposal; but don't worry, you're not.

Here's what you do: depending on the size of your lemon or lime halve or quarter it, turn on the water and the disposal and toss it in. Do not turn the disposal off until the fruit has been disposed of.

What product is your citrus replacing? Well lately, at World Market and Bed, Bath and Beyond I've been wooed by these little citrus gel balls that you drop in your disposal - I can't remember the brand name. But in true fish fashion, they lure me in every time until I snap myself out of it and remind myself that I can just toss a lemon down the drain. I'm such a consumer. I do best if I can just avoid stores all together.

So what do you do to keep your kitchen odors at bay? Do you have any different stove top potpourri combinations that you use? Please share. I could definitely mix mine up, in fact I think that I'll try lime and mint today... a little stove top mojito, if you will, for this sunny day.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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Off The Cuff Cooking said...

My kitchen doesn't seem to get too smelly, but I think part of that is because I compost my biodegradable stuff in a stainless steel container with a carbon filter, and that means my garbage hardly ever has time to get smelly (unless there are meat remnants or some other stuff in the trash that I wouldn't put in my compost bucket.) And about once every 3-4 days I take the compost bucket out to the big container in the yard (I have two of them that I rotate between) and I get the most amazing mulch for my garden... Well, otherwise, I usually do the same things you do -- drop citrus rinds in the disposal, or light candles to burn off unsavory smells. Even unscented candles usually will help clean the air. And occasionally I'll do a simmering potpourri, too. That is always an extra little nose-treat!

Janelle said...

I love lemon down the disposal. I also rub it around my sink to get off the grease and sparkle it up.

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