Monday, July 18, 2011

{ The Nikon is Back! }

Maybe you don't analyze my every picture like I do, but you may have noticed a few blurry ones since I started posting in April. That's because since my post { A Day With the Tulips } the first weekend in May, I've been shooting all of my pictures with a dated iPhone 3g (if you know anything about the original iPhones, you know that the cameras aren't any good). So after a good eight weeks sans my camera, I am thrilled to have the Nikon back. It's nothing special, just a D40, but worlds better than my phone or any other point and shoot camera I've used.

So what does a proud momma do when she gets her camera back? She takes pictures of her kids. (You thought that was a trick question didn't you?) Without further ado, here is our first spin - pun totally intended - with the Nikon back as good as new.

Because when you're a girl, riding your bike also means stopping to pick the flowers...

and wearing sparkly pink tennis shoes.

Yes, there were multiple stops to pick flowers on our spin around the block.

But little sis didn't mind, big sister is still the coolest.

What a blessed momma I am! Two beautiful daughters and a great camera to capture them with as they grow.

Now, I've just got to figure out how to use this contraption once I turn the autofocus off. Any tips?


Lindsy said...

Jess, thanks so much for the kind comments! I'm not officially a teacher :) I do have an elementary education degree, but after student teaching we had our first son, and I've stayed home ever since. Your girls are adorable. I have 2 boys first, then a girl and another girl on the way. Thanks again for visiting and leaving such nice comments. It makes my day :)

Sheila said...

awwwwh Im so blessed to have beautiful Grandaughters...these are great pictures....Sometimes I have to pinch myself and think Wow how blessed am I ...God is good

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