Monday, July 11, 2011

{ From God's Heart to Yours }

We all go through seasons in life: the good, the bad and the blah. Unfortunately, it seems like an inordinate amount of my friends are going through long hard seasons of suffering and persevering right now- aka, the bad. So when I ran into this greeting card by Positively Green Cards 4th of July weekend, I was touched by it's words:

Go ahead and cry. I'll catch your tears. - Jileen Russel
Beautifully touching. Yet, when I read those words I don't hear Jileen their author, but rather I hear God's heart for us when we are suffering and low. When life isn't fair. When we're hurting. When we're pushing against Him. When we're angry at Him for the circumstances of this world and this life. When there's nothing to do but be mad, angry, sad or hurt.

I forgot to share this card with you last week, but I was reminded anew of the personal anguish going on all around me yesterday. And a further push came to share it, as God's heart for those of you struggling right now, last night at the John Mark McMillan concert. He said, "Life hurts. ...And if we're honest, it hurts a lot." He went on further to share that out of a difficult season in his life came this beautiful song, How He Loves (yes, this is a John Mark McMillan song, not Dave Crowder):

I hope that if you are a person hurting right now, that God is using this post to touch your heart and let you know that He loves you and is catching your every tear; he is Abba, steadfast, peace and comfort. 

If life is going well, I'm genuinely happy for you and I pray that this message will bring you comfort when you are having a hard season in life.

Finally, the inside of the card reads,

So no matter the season of life - the good, the bad or the blah - may we all remember this and lean on Him. He is always here with us; He is for us.

It is my prayer for you that His peace would be yours and that you would know His love today and always.


Paige said...

Thanks, Jess. I'm still having a rough time. We are still homeless. And this brought a smile to my face and a nod agreement to my head.

Janelle said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. I love to cry, it's a great release of stress for me.

Love you tons.

Sheila said...

I Love this...This was a great lift for today...I really love that song. Thank you for todays blog

Oly Momma said...

Thanks ladies, I'm glad that you liked this post.

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