Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{ Your Weekly Peek In My CSA Box + Why I Share }

Another week, week three to be exact, another box. Beautiful as always.

You may be wondering why I like to share my weekly CSA with you, and here is my answer: because I believe that Community Sustained Agriculture (CSA) is something unique to our generation and culture. I know that agriculture has predominately been supported by the community in the past, but in our affluent and global world it's become more likely that our apples are shipped in from another state or country than across the county line. CSA entities as they are organized today allow us to help small farmers and eat locally grown food, which is great for a whole host of reasons you can find on the internet - the most important of which is that fresh locally grown food tastes great. In particular, I didn't know much about CSAs until I moved to Olympia where they seem to be all the rage for your summer and fall produce. So as "Oly Momma" sharing my northwest lifestyle with you, I think that it is a large and noteworthy part of our life here. Hopefully my sharing with you will encourage you to find a CSA of your own next season.

So on with the sharing! Here we are, week 3 of the 2011 CSA season and this is what our Calliope Farm share has produced:

Here in the foreground you can see green leaf lettuce, some broccoli and a bowl of salad greens (these bad boys go for $6 a bag down at the Farmer's Market!). Behind the salad greens you see rainbow radishes and collard greens. And behind the radishes are beets, red leaf lettuce and garlic scapes again.

Let's pan out a little bit farther to see what else we got.

Here's what we missed in the last picture, in the lower left corner are more salad turnips and behind that is some broccoli raab.

If you aren't in a CSA, visit your local Farmer's Market to get some delicious local produce while it's in season, you won't regret the splurge. Plus, it makes for a great family outing.

Hmmm... now how to eat all of these vegetables.?. Well, for two adults it definitely takes a concerted effort to eat our share. Next week when I share what we get, I'll also share some of the ways we are able to get a lot of veggies eaten.

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