Wednesday, June 1, 2011

{ An Ode to My Washing Machine }

Is there any chore quite as unrelenting as laundry? Okay, the dishes definitely tie with the laundry. But today was a special day. A day when doing the laundry involved nostalgia and excitement.

Let's start with the nostalgia. Saying goodbye to my old washer and dryer. The washer and dryer that did my babies' first laundry... The washer and dryer that I learned to wash cloth diapers in... umm, I think that's it; ode over. See, a woman can make anything a little emotional. I almost got a little teary this morning when I took out my last load of wash from my old top loader, I even sang Yesterday to it. But then I remembered all of the reasons I was getting rid of it: the spin cycle shook the whole house, that's if it spun things out. Half of the time I had to run at least an extra spin and anytime I have to add a cycle there's an added chance that I'll forget to return and move it to the dryer. Then there was the size, it was taking 3-4 loads to get just our darks washed. And finally, there was that infernal buzzer on the dryer that couldn't be turned off; yet another noise to wake the baby sleeping above the laundry room. Remind me again why I was getting teary? Oh yeah, I washed my babies' first laundry in that machine.

Good ridden.
Now on to the excitement of doing my first loads in my new machine! We'll create memories together and some day I will be sad when our time comes to part, but for now we have only the future. My first load was an extra big load with lots of jeans, what would have easily been two loads in the old washer. There isn't anything quite like taking a new Cadi out for a spin, check out my new wheels:

Hello beautiful.
I know that laundry is unrelenting and rarely fun or exciting, but for at least one day I got to enjoy it as I tried out my new duds. Now if only they would invent a folding machine...

In all fairness, there are three sets of sheets and towels included in this pile.
So as of yet, besides a new machine I have not found a way to make laundry more fun or exciting. Although now it will hopefully be a little less tedious.

Do you have any secrets or tips for making laundry not such a chore? Or for actually getting it done weekly? My poor husband.


jacquelyn said...

I pretty much just do laundry when we need it. If towels are getting low I will throw in a load... If justin complains about mismatched socks, I will throw in some whites... it actually works out just fine around here. We do have a giant laundry room though to hold several baskets of dirty clothes, so time is never an issue due to space.
We bought a lesser expensive front loading washer a few years ago. bad idea. we should have just paid the extra. The front door broke almost completely off and it gets all dirty water stuck in one of the rubber parts inside... so gross. I love that I can wash like 200 items at a time though! and they are so quiet. Our last dryer also had an automatic buzzer that we couldn't turn off. Who invented that anyhow!? Like laundry is that important we have to be reminded that our underwear is dry. Timers on stoves, definitely. Not on dryers!! (:

Janelle said...

SO EXCITING JESS. I love mine too! I I have still yet to learn ALL the cool things it does. One of my favorite things it does, besides wash and dry my clothes quietly and super fast then it plays a quiet little song to tell me when they are done, I have this drying rack in the dryer so I can dry my unmentionables and if I wash shoes (yes, i wash my shoes, I wear white shoes for work and they get kind of dirty) I can place them on the rack as well and use "air dry". LOVE! Plus I think clean shoes is ranking right up there with going to bed with clean sheets on! aaahhh!

Next appliance will be a quiet dishwasher..

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