Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{ My CSA Box - You Know You Want to Look Inside }

The season of weekly treasures has arrived! It truly is like a little treasure chest that we pick up each week. Despite our farm's best efforts, we don't always know what vegetables we'll be getting before we pick up our box, and even if we do it's still fun to open and explore inside. Come on! Take a look:

It's exciting isn't it!?! Well, if you aren't excited by my treasure trove of vegetables it's because you've never had local, farm fresh, picked that day, organic veggies - we've never had any vegetables that are tastier. The radishes actually have a bite to them, the broccoli is almost sweet and the lettuce is pure, fresh, crispy and, depending on the type, sweet. Let's continue to unpack and see what we got:

No, these photos are not enhanced. The radishes really are that red and the greens that green. So what do we have? Well, from left to right, we have garlic scapes (these are exquisite, you can cut them like green beans and sauté them for an easy and tasty dinner veggie), salad turnips (these are sweet-ish with an almost marshmelo-y texture; we had them grated on our salad tonight and they added a nice crunch), broccoli (oh let me count the ways I love you!), radishes and radish greens (I'm excited to try some new recipes for these, I guess you can cook them - they aren't just a salad topper) and lacinto kale (we love our greens steamed or sauteed with balsamic vinegar on top, but we might make these into kale chips).

Don't worry, that's not all. Here's some more:

Here we have red leaf lettuce, arugula and butter-crunch lettuce. The lettuce will be good for salads and sandwiches. The arugula has a ton of uses, salad being just one of them. I'm thinking it's time for the Chicken Moroccan Soup we like from the Weight Watchers cookbook that uses arugula. Yum.

Our farm, Calliope, has the staple vegetables, but they also specialize in gourmet italian vegetables. So if our box looks too adventurous for you, you should do some research because there are farms that also do just the basics. Furthermore, it's only week two of the season so I'm sure if you want to join a CSA you still can for a pro-rated amount.

If you're just curious about what a share looks like, feel free to swing by my blog and I'll share my box with you each week and then you can buy your own share next year; because I know you'll want to, it's AMAZING! Kyle always says that we didn't know what vegetables tasted like until we joined our farm last year.

If you already have a share and are looking for ways to use your veggies, head on over to my friend Wendy's, yes yogurt Wendy, blog. She is blogging on her first CSA season with Pigman's Farm and posting new recipes almost nightly.

What rare or staple vegetable do you have an awesome recipe for? Please share!

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