Friday, June 17, 2011

{ Going Old School - It's Really NOT That Hard }

A lot of you are probably wondering how I have time to "go old school" and make a lot of our foods from scratch. Well, this is a quick post to show you that it really isn't all that hard. Most of it seems to just be a lot of waiting - unlike folding the laundry (hmmm... maybe I should try doing that while I'm waiting, nah!). But as I was saying, it's a lot of waiting. So if you have even an afternoon/evening to be around and you time it right, you can get a lot going at once:

See! We had three things going at once, well actually four. Three food items and one craft (insert smiley; man it's hard to blog without emoticons!). While I was working on a fun baby shower gift that I'll share in another post, Kyle made the bread dough - so if I weren't sewing I could have made the bread dough. And then all at once we had milk heating up for yogurt, bread rising and yogurt cheese "hanging out". And right after this picture, while everything was in a "hold" phase, I took a quick trip to Trader Joe's with the girls!

All of that to say it's really not too hard, it just takes a little planning - and to be perfectly honest, this wasn't even planned this specific day; it all just kind of randomly came together. So go on and get making! You really can do it.

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