Wednesday, June 15, 2011

{ Get Your Kiddos Crafting - Card Making }

Phoebe's just getting to the age now where she can compose well. Her favorite mediums are stickers, stamps, paint and markers. I like to keep it simple so we use a lot of foam stickers around here. She loves to do art, as I'm sure most kids do, so why not put that fun to work? Have your kiddos make their cards for friends and loved ones.

I bought a big stack of cards and envelopes to be fashioned into greeting cards, so no matter the occasion we can get something made. For special holidays, I try to get to JoAnn's to buy theme appropriate stickers. For example, our Father's Day cards that we made yesterday:

When we're doing a group of cards, I try to make sure that each is unique.
But other times I just use the supplies that we have around the house, like these Thank You cards Phoebe made last week:

Nothing too intense, but Phoebe always loves to make her cards. Making cards is great for teaching manners, like sending out Thank Yous, and is a way to teach her thoughtfulness. So here's how we do it:

On the Father's Day cards I spelled out the words and gave her a background:

On the Thank You cards, I just spelled the words and told her to try to keep her stickers off the words but on the cards - amazingly tricky for little hands and a great way to work on spacial abilities.

Once I have a base to give her, I let her sticker away!

She typically colors and stamps on the inside and dictates a message for the recipient to me.

It's fun, it's easy and it's thoughtful. Enjoy!

The artist admiring her work!

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