Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{ From Cheap to Boutique - Card Refashioning }

Everybody loves to have fun stationary and thank you's, but not everybody has a ton to spend or can find what they want. Here's a quick little how to that will hopefully inspire you to create something fun for yourself; cheap, unique and not much fuss.

Here's what I started with:

- A stamp pad (nine years old, I know because I bought it to do my wedding invitations nine years ago; amazingly this puppy still works!)
- A set of 10 cards from the Target dollar bins (so yes, the base price of each card is ten cents)
- A "Thank You" stamp from the JoAnn dollar bins and the base that all of the "new stamps" stick to (yes, rubber stamps are officially outdated. The "new" thing is clear acrylic stamps). You can get a base out of the dollar bin too, but this is a nicer one and I recommend a good one since you can stick anything to it; I also have a dollar bin base and it isn't nearly as easy to use.
- Some card stock.

Things that I used and aren't pictured here were: a circle cutter, double sided tape, another JoAnn dollar bin stamp, some bling (the pink rhinestones came with the dollar birthday cake stamp and I had the clear ones on hand) and a couple of "W" stickers I also had on hand.

Step One Cut some paper to stamp or decorate. With these particular cards, a circle shape worked best so I cut out ten circles.

Step Two Decorate your circles. I made 5 Thank You's, 2 monograms and 3 birthday cards - I hate having to run out to the store for these and I rarely like what they say.

Step Three Position your decoration with double sided tape on each card. I went simple here because it worked well and it made it easy to create 10 cards in one shot, but you can definitely get craftier depending on what you have around and what you want to do - I'll show you a more intensive refashion later in the post.

And there you have it! How simple and quick was that? Here are all of the variations I made:
Birthday cards with a little bling.

Thank you cards: simple, clear rhinestones and pink rhinestone variations.

Monogrammed stationary
(You may notice that on one of the birthday cards and the monogrammed cards I added a second layer of circle cut card-stock in a second color to the original white circle.)

Using the same idea of going from "cheap to boutique" I refashioned a different card from the Target dollar bins for a friend's birthday. Again, I kept it simple so that 1) it would be an affordable option and 2) it would be stuff that you may actually already have around- I did. So here we go! Card remake #2.

The loot here includes: an old sheet of sticker letters, a box of cards from the Target dollar bins, some card-stock and some ribbon from the Target dollar bins as well.

From here out, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking as this card is mostly paper cutting and layering.

First layer of paper.

Okay, so when you cut ribbon you should use a lighter to melt the ends so that they don't fray. A super easy trick for a nice finish.

In case my iPhone (my DSLR has been out of commission since about the beginning of my blog in April, it should hopefully be back from Nikon soon!) didn't catch it, there are three layers of color here under the silver letters.

The finished product, a one of a kind birthday card for under a buck. Here's a before and after picture for effect:

There you have it, you can make one of a kind stationary and cards on a budget. Now get going and get creative!

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Off The Cuff Cooking said...

You know what else would be cool would be to keep the fronts of other greeting cards that you've received from other people (maybe not the sentimental cards from grandma, but just other random cards that you don't have any attachment to) and give them new life, by cutting & regluing images and doodads and glitter onto new card creations.

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