Monday, May 9, 2011

{ Take the Stink Out of Any Diaper Pail or Trash Can }

Let's see if I can keep this simple, who am I kidding? It's me writing here. So here's the back story on me and my diaper pail system:

When I had my first daughter Phoebe, I chose to go with the Diaper Champ for my diaper pail. I chose this one because I didn't want to have to buy the special cartridges that the Diaper Genie requires. Had I been happy to solely use disposable diapers, as many are, my Diaper Champ would have worked great. However, at about six months old I started using gDiapers with Phoebe and the disposable inserts as well as lone wipes would get stuck in the disposal shoot; therefore, I would have to manually pop the pail open for each diaper change, annoying.

Finally, I just bought a five dollar garbage can with a lid from Target and that worked great unless it was summer and hot, then it would get odor-ific. I only tossed pee diapers, as the poo ones had to be flushed using the gDiaper system, so the stink was yucky but not disgusting. As a solution we just tossed the diapers more frequently. More recently my pail started to stink again and it wasn't hot, it was my cloth diapers. Previously I used a garbage bag and I didn't have many odor problems, but now that I use a diaper pail liner as part of my cloth diapering system instead and I have begun to have more issues.

So what does one do when she has a problem to solve in this modern day? Google it. You won't believe how simple the solutions I found for "homemade diaper pail deodorizer recipe" were: baking soda and/or essential oil. What I chose to do, and what works in my pail, is this: I poor enough baking soda at the bottom of my pail to cover the bottom. When it clumps, change it out for fresh baking soda. Also, I throw in a piece of cloth with a few drops of tea tree oil on it just for good measure. While the baking soda works stand alone for me, I did not like the results I had using only the tea tree oil. If you're looking for something a little fancier, here are a few links: Greater Upper Valley Solid Waste Management District (weird, huh? They have a recipe that is similar to the method I shared above.), Ezine @rticles (this one makes little deodorizer disks, I might have to try it! I also saw it mentioned on another site that homemade deodorizer disks can be a good baby shower gift.), and eHow home (this one has homemade deodorizers for more general uses plus diaper pails).

Isn't it amazing how simple deodorizing can be? It's really a mystery to me why we as a culture buy into the hype of all the junk we "have to" purchase (I'll talk about easy, eco-friendly and money saving ways to clean your home another time.) All of the chemicals (cleaning and deodorizing) and fancy pails we buy aren't even necessary, they're a choice. If you are a parent to be or someone who is dissatisfied with your current diaper disposal system, I'm telling you from experience that you don't have to spend thirty plus dollars on a diaper pail. A five dollar lidded garbage can and some baking soda will do the trick! I'm sure that you have something to do with the $25 you didn't spend getting the fancy diaper dumpster.

Back to the point, if you've got a stinky garbage can or diaper pail the answer to your problem is as close as your pantry. Ladies, because I doubt any man is reading this, deodorize away.

Baking soda, you rock.

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