Monday, May 23, 2011

{ Ideas for Simple Handmade Kid Gifts }

I'm kind of on a kick where I want to try to make my gifts for a little bit, I'm tired of Toys R Us. Here are some of the kid gift ideas that I'm itching to try:

Alphabet Rock Magnets. This fun and simple gift idea is from I am Momma - Hear Me Roar. Click on the link for the full tutorial on how to make your own alphabet rock magnets.
Black Apple Dolls. My girlfriend Paige made two of these for us, one for each girl. It was a great gift that my girls love, I can't wait to try making one myself. Emily Martin is the creator of these dolls. She sells them on Etsy and she has a blog called Inside a Black Apple (I haven't read it). Here is a link to a tutorial and pattern for making your own Black Apple Dolls courtesy of Martha Stewart.
Magnetic Fishing Game. This particular picture is of a magnetic fishing game you can purchase on Etsy from Butterfly Cove for $30. All of the handmade magnetic fishing games that I saw on Etsy were selling for $25-$30. I'm thinking that I can make the same for a lot less using thrifted sweaters or scrap material for the fish, washers, stuffing, a magnet, some string or rope and a dowel. My girlfriend Kate made something similar and I'm excited to try it for a little buddy's birthday gift.

Collage and jewelry making kits are a fun idea too. Read Sharilyn's blog Lovely Design to see how she put these fun little gifts together; it doesn't take much skill, just piecing together a few items and then packaging them in a unique way. When done in bulk, it sounds like these fun little kits are quite affordable to give as gifts, to have around as special treat activities for your own kids or to have as play date activities.
The Hobo Sack by Dana over at Made will make the perfect bag for your alphabet rocks, fish and fishing pole or to throw a couple collage and jewelry making kits into. Check out her tutorial here, it looks pretty simple and super cute.

I hope that these ideas have got you excited to make some fun kids gifts too. When I actually get around to doing any of these, I'll blog it for you to see.

Happy Monday! Only four more days 'til the weekend again.


jacquelyn said...

Those are fun ideas!
I have made two of those black apple dolls and Dahlia and Valen love them! They were much smaller than Paige's though, I am not good as measuring (:

Oly Momma said...

Jacquelyn, The pattern says to blow it up 150%, you probably just didn't see and do that little part; that would make the dolls a lot smaller.

Nell said...

These are great ideas! I am totally inspired for Christmas presents for my brandnew niece and goddaughter. Thank you!

Beautiful blog, by the way. Very inspirational!

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