Monday, May 2, 2011

{ French Toast PB&J: A yummy way to pack more protein into your sandwich }

I don't know what your kids are like but my oldest is super picky, there are about 2 lunch/dinner items with protein that she'll eat: cheese and peanut butter. So we try to work with these and make as many variations on them as possible. When I saw the idea for French Toast PB&Js in The Toddler Cafe recipe book I thought that this just might work for us; she eats peanut butter and she eats french toast so we gave it a try. It was a hit with both of my girls and me! Later we made this super easy and yummy treat for friends we had over for a play date and it was hit with them too.

As I said, I saw the idea. Jennifer has an actual recipe in her book if you want to follow that, but here's how I throw it together in ten minutes:

vanilla extract
natural peanut butter (we use Kirkland Organic from Costco, it's like Adam's but creamier)
cooking spray/butter/oil

1) Heat cooking spray/butter/oil in skillet/pan on medium low; my stovetop goes from low to high- oh, yours does too? Well, between the low and high I have 1 through 9 and I cook this on 5.

2) While the skillet is heating up, beat your eggs in a flat dish that you can dip the bread in (I use my 8x8 Pyrex baking dish). Depending on the dryness of your bread, you'll need more or less eggs. The drier the bread, the more eggs you'll need. But generally speaking, if I'm using store bought bread and large store bought eggs I can get about one and a half slices of bread to an egg. So two eggs will do three slices of bread or one and a half sandwiches.

3) Once your eggs are beaten, sprinkle cinnamon over the top until the egg mixture is lightly covered. Next throw in a little nutmeg and a dash of vanilla extract, probably about a teaspoon of the extract, and finally beat everything together.

4) Dip your bread in the mixture until it is saturated, place in heated skillet and cook until the egg is cooked on both sides flipping at least once.

(So if you didn't know how to make french toast, now you have a quick, easy and low fat method. The reason that it is quick and easy is because I don't measure anything - and I almost always measure everything - but I don't really think you can mess up french toast unless you add too much cinnamon or burn it. If you have your own french toast recipe or method feel free to substitute that for steps 1 through 4 and finish up with step 5 below.)

5) Slap some peanut butter and jelly on your french toast and serve it like a sandwich.

Delicious! And it looks a little like my counter too.

Oh! And another great thing is that the only sugar in this sweet treat is that which is in your bread and jelly.

I hope that this is a new idea for you too and that you now have a healthy new option to spice up lunch or dinner for your munchkins.

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Cassie said...

I'm not thinking this for Steven so much as for me...yum!

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