Sunday, May 1, 2011

{ A Day With the Tulips }

Thanks to the coldest April on record here in Washington the tulips came late to the Skagit Valley. So guess what!?! You can still see them. The fields will be open through May 8, Mothers' Day (Tulip Town and RoozenGaarde are the two biggest fields, check their websites linked here for hours).  Although the official Tulip Festival ended with April yesterday, the fields will remain open through next weekend so make a day of it and go north to see the beauty, it's easy to make a day of it.

Tulip Town, where we visited, opens at 9 am so feed the family breakfast and hop in the car (if you have a two nap kiddo, plan your departure around their first nap time). Visit a tulip field and then choose your next destination!

We went to La Conner for lunch and had a delicious wood fire cooked Thai Chicken pizza at the La Conner Brewing Company, their ESB was delicious too. After lunch, have fun walking around town and the little waterfront. Grab a scone or cupcake for dessert from the Scone Lady and eat it on the waterfront pier. We were lucky enough to enjoy a wine tasting at Hellams Vineyard wine store while we were visiting. Besides the tasting bar, they have a fun seating area on the pier behind the store, so if you'd like a nice glass of wine and you have kids that'll cooperate (or no kids) buy a glass and enjoy the scenery. After lunch and wine tasting in La Conner we returned to grandpa and grandma's for a nap. I'm assuming that most of you don't have this option but if your little one(s) will nap in the car this is the perfect opportunity to take another scenic drive- head north to Bellingham via Chuckanut Drive!

If you head to Bellingham stop by Larrabee State Park or Boulevard Park to get some fresh air, enjoy the beautiful scenery and stretch your kiddos legs. Either of these would be a great place for picnicking too. There are also tons of great restaurants and shopping downtown. The Western Washington University campus is also a beautiful place for walking and exploring.

If you don't want to head north, you can head west to Anacortes. There are fun restaurants and shops in the historic downtown as well as plenty of parks to play and picnic at. My parents are only a ten minute walk from Washington Park so after naps we walked down to the park and enjoyed the view, playground, dock and beach.

The tulip fields could also be a fun jump off point for a day trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Hop on the ferry in Anacortes and enjoy a fun afternoon.

After a fun day of fresh air and beautiful scenery- wherever you choose to go after the tulips, throw the kids back in the car and head home.

If you can't enjoy the tulips next weekend, I highly suggest that you plan a trip for next spring and enjoy some of the most beautiful sights that Washington has to offer.

Have a blessed Sunday and get out and enjoy this beautiful weather! I know we will.

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Off The Cuff Cooking said...

Looks amazing! You know, I've lived in Washington for about 19 years, and still have never gone to the Tulip Festival! Astonishing.

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