Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{ Cloth Wipes - Not just for cloth diaperers }

That's right, cloth wipes aren't just for cloth diaperers. They're great for wiping pee and poo, but they're also great for wiping food off your kid and the table. Plus, they can also make a great baby shower gift. Read on to find out where to get them and how to use them.

I bought all of my wipes on Etsy, super affordable. Just search "cloth wipes". I really like the flannel wipes. I also have some commercially made and produced velour wipes too and they're nice and all but for the price... let's just say flannel gets it done. You can get cloth wipes for under a dollar a piece on Etsy and a single layer of flannel is sufficient. OR you can just make them if you have a sewing machine or serger.

This set of wipes which I use at my changing station are sewn with a simple zigzag stitch to keep the flannel from fraying. The image below shows the wipes I keep in the kitchen, they are serged around the edges to keep the flannel from fraying.
So as you can see these would be SUPER easy to create yourself.

I use these at home to clean my baby's bottom when I change her diaper and in the kitchen to clean hands and faces after eating. So even if you don't cloth diaper, these can replace disposable wipes, wash clothes and paper towels in the kitchen.

There are two ways to go here. You can make your own solution from scratch or buy drops that dissolve in water. To make your own solution from scratch go to Zaney Zebra to find a plethora of recipes that use household items. To buy drops you can try Baby Bum Drops from Simple Cloth, a local Oly cloth diaper store front, or you can easily find them online as well. I have tried both and I like them both. In the end making the solution from scratch is going to be more budget friendly and both methods only take a few minutes- really. I've timed myself and it literally takes 7 minutes to make a solution, saturate the wipes and pour the excess solution into a spray bottle.
The wipe solution I make uses water, Tea Tree oil, Lavender oil, baby wash and olive oil.

There are a gazillion, yes literally a gazillion that's more than a million, ways to use your wipes. Well, really more like four:

1) You can saturate your wipes with the solution so that they are moist and ready to go like disposable wipes. If you choose this method make sure that you have tea tree oil or another antibacterial agent in your solution so that your wipes don't get musky and make only enough for 3ish days otherwise your wipes will start to stink. I store mine in a disposable wipe container, as you can see in the pictures above, but a lot of people prefer a wipe warmer.
2) Keep your wipes dry and saturate them with a spray bottle of solution at the time of use. This is what I do in the kitchen to clean up the girls after eating.
3) Keep your wipes dry and spray baby with the solution and then wipe with the dry wipe. I'm assuming that this method would best be left to the changing table since spraying your child in the face probably wouldn't be appreciated by your munchkin; although, at times I'm sure that it would make you feel better.
4) Again, keep your wipes dry and keep the solution in a storage or wipe container and submerge each wipe immediately before using.

After using your wipes just wash them with your cloth diapers or other household towels.

Writing this all out sure makes cloth wipes seem like more work than they really are. Don't get me wrong, I still use disposable wipes some days when even five minutes to make wipes is too much. However, like cloth diapering, cloth wipes for me are a way to cut down on financial and environmental waste. Plus, I always feel like I'm doing something good for my family when I make them.

A final idea here. I haven't done this yet, but if you're crafty I'm thinking that this could be a great and budget friendly baby shower gift. Decoupage a wipe container to make it cute or buy a wipe warmer to give; make some flannel wipes or buy them on Etsy; make a cute recipe card of your favorite wipe solution and purchase some of the less common ingredients in it (e.g. essential oils and baby wash). Put it all together and I think that you have a really cute and thoughtful gift- especially for the cloth diapering momma and even for the mom who just uses them in the kitchen.

Thanks for reading. I hope that I've shown you that cloth wipes are easy, budget friendly and environmentally sound. Good luck wiping!

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Cassie said...

So, I've been using cloth wipes for diaper changes since day one, but I am just now realizing the amount of paper towels we go through after meals (they are so messy with a 15 month old!), and think I just might start a stash in the kitchen. I'm thinking of using more cloth towels for spills, etc instead of paper towels anyways. I don't think I'll entirely give up paper towels (they are the only thing I could comfortably use to blot dry chicken - anything else would be gross), but I would love to not be using so many.
Thanks for the link to the solution site too! I've been using a solution I made up w/ just baby wash and teatree oil, but it isn't as moisturizing as I'd like it to be...

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